Empowering Grandmother caregivers

Empowering Grandmother caregivers to ensure their grandchildren thrive in southwest Uganda

Grandmothers in southwest Uganda are finding themselves parenting a generation of orphaned and vulnerable grandchildren.

By assisting Grandmothers with a hand up to provide their dependents with opportunities to access food, water and light you are contributing to the wellbeing and safety of 20,000 grandmothers, one family at a time.

YOU can help with making a one time or monthly donation today  which will help a Grandmother meet the needs of her dependent grandchildren to thrive in the safety and knowledge that they will have access to food, water and light tonight.

$25 Provides a Grandmother with a garden hoe to grow vegetables for her family and the option to sell a little surplus at the weekly market to meet family need

$35 Provides a Grandmother with a 200L water harvesting tank to collect rainwater for domestic and cooking purposes

$50 Provides a Grandmother household with access to a solar lantern to light up their homes and allow children to read, study and spend time together in the evenings.

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