Educating children in southwest Uganda

Educating children in southwest Uganda

Did you know that Uganda was one of the countries with the longest school closures during the pandemic? Schools were closed for almost 18 months and were only safely able to reopen in January 2022 when vaccine coverage in schools were in place.

The impact of this extended school closure has meant that students are now learning an abridged curriculum to make up for the precious time lost in learning against the challenge to cope with the rising costs of living. Nyaka Canada is partnering with Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project in southwest Uganda to ensure children stay in school and receive a quality education. 

YOU can be a part of this transformation today and ensure these budding future leaders and change makers are able to stay in school and chart a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

$10 will provide scholastic materials for a student for a term

$25 will provide a school uniform for a student for the school year

$50 will provide nutritious meals for five students for a month

Nyaka students getting ready to have some lunch