Student Sponsorship Program

Sponsor a Student Program

Nyaka Canada is embarking on a Sponsor a Student Program drive in partnership with Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project (NAOP) in southwest Uganda.

We believe that education is at the heart of changing lives and providing opportunities for young people in southwest Uganda to pursue their life's dreams. Orphaned and vulnerable children are often stigmatized and not given the opportunity to receive an education.

Nyaka Canada wishes to provide sponsorships to 22 primary level students and 18 secondary level students across the three NAOP campuses in Kanungu and Rukungiri districts.

YOU can be a part of this transformation today and ensure these budding future leaders and change makers are able to stay in school and chart a brighter future for themselves and their communities with a one-time, monthly or custom amount donation towards this effort. Every contribution helps!


  • Primary school sponsorship fees $60 per month or $720 annually
  • Secondary school sponsorship fees $110 per month or $1,320 annually

Sponsorship fees cover tuition, school supplies, nutritious meals, access to medical care, clean water, boarding facilities for secondary students and an outstanding education.


Educating Girls at NAOP

Nyaka Canada is excited to work with NAOP schools which prioritize girls because they are less likely to be sent to school, and because studies have shown that educating girls has the most significant impact on poverty within the community.

NAOP embeds an awareness of gender issues throughout its programs. For example, NAOP’s pioneering IT work includes the Technovators Club and the annual robotics camp, both of which actively seek to recruit and retain girls. NAOP schools are therefore made up of 56% girls and 44% boys.

About Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project

Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project was established in 2001 by Twesigye Jackson Kaguri in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the village of Nyakagezi, Kanungu district in southwestern Uganda. NAOP works with communities to nurture and protect children so they can learn, grow, and thrive. NAOP surrounds each child with a comprehensive support model, comprised of interrelated programs developed and led by our community. NAOP’s holistic approach consists of four key programs: the Education Program, the Grandmother Program, the Health Program, and the Sexual and GenderBased Violence (SGBV) Program.


NAOP's commitment to education began with a small two-room schoolhouse and 55 HIV/AIDS orphans in 2003 in the village of Nyakagezi, Kanungu district. NAOP has developed steadily to establish Kutamba Primary School in neighbouring Rukungiri district in 2009 and in 2015, completed the Nyaka Vocational Secondary School in Nyakagezi. NAOP provides a range of health, education and community programs and is committed to supporting the formal and informal education of children.